A downloadable game for Windows

Submitted to the 2018 ShenaniJam 

Theme: "Void Sandwich"

Years ago, your Great Uncle Fulbert operated a sandwich shoppe.  He was determined to sell "Void Sandwiches".

Void Sandwiches were just two pieces of bread, with nothing inside.  Much to Uncle Fulbert's surprise, they did not sell very well and the business failed.

His last wish was for you to take over his "special" business and make it successful.
It is up to you to grow the company and.....                        

Fill the Void!

(and the sandwiches)!


  • Customizable Game Length
  • Endless Mode
  • Persistent Game Stats

ShenaniJam 2018 Achievements

  • One Punch Man - Your game is controllable with a single input.


Void.exe 5 MB

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