Clone Chaos 

What do you fear more..the evil clones, or the 8x8 pixel hit boxes?

Created for the 2019 ShenaniJam.

You wake up and find yourself in “some random dude’s” house  

How did you get here?  Why is your arm bandaged?

This will all be answered if you can master this bite sized RPG!

(My speed run record: 2:12)

  • Themes used: DNA Chaos and Wrenches 101
  • Achievements: Tripod and Sweet 16(-ish)

Created in Pico-8

Team PottyGamer is:

  • PottyGamer - Games Programmer
  • AmberDeegle - Map tiles and Creative Director
  • DaniPook - Sprites and Sound Effects
We are a team consisting of a father and two daughters. This is our third Shenanijam, and our first using Pico-8 (I bought it a week before the Jam, lol)

(Background music was supplied by Robby Duguay)


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Clone Chaos is a micro-adventure full of wrench throwing action and MAJOR plot twist. This is an impressive work to have come out of just a 48 hour jam, because it manages to neatly tie together an interesting premise and small narrative with growing challenge. While I originally thought the Random Dude was going to be the villain (why was he sending me to clean up this cave? why so creepy, dude?) the plot twist at the end was worth the play session alone.

The graphics are cute, the fact that there's an overworld is awesome and adds to the sense of adventure, and the consistent narrative arc make this a fantastic little experience. NICE WORK! I can't wait to see what other games this family can sling together.


Thanks Sam!

You are wise to deduct the Random Dude was in fact (spoiler alert!) the villain. That detail wasn't fully spelled out because of the time crunch, and the fact that Pico-8 is not the best engine to deliver a lot of text.

We're glad you enjoyed it!  Thanks again for the opportunity and all the hard work you guys put into these Game Jams!

-The PottySquad